Monday, September 28, 2009


Still perking along... Bunny is fine. He was sick not too long ago with a really nasty viral infection. They said it wasn't the flu, but it sure was flu-like. He had a really worrisome cough with it that wanted to linger. Finally over it and now his nose is running again. Sadly, I'm praying for allergies. C'mon, run-of-the-mill allergies!

Not too much new going on other than that except I am swamped at work.

And I disagree with a couple of the decisions they've made on Project Runway. Ra'mon? I liked him! And he was creative! Admittedly his outfit wasn't very good, but... Oh well. I'm not that outraged about it. I think they've gotten rid of most of the clunkers already (except for Nicolas). Nicolas's outfit this time was okay (finally), but didn't seem particularly original to me. Christopher should have won.

Breathe, America. Lesli has spoken!

Aaaaand I'm out.