Friday, April 08, 2011

What, me worry?

Have you ever sold your house? Oh my heck, what a big ordeal. Just looking at what we need to do to get ours ready to show is exhausting. Of course, the idea of dusting is exhausting to me most days, so maybe it's just me.

Traffic is about to give me a stroke. (Most of the reason we want to move.) Have people always been such bad drivers? I mean, not just bad, but stupid bad. And rude bad. There are simply too many people these days. I need to figure out how to get paid for being a hermit. Maybe an ad in the paper: "Will pray on a hill for you every day, salary negotiable. What price would you put on your eternal soul?"

Which leads me to... work. Stressful, even more so than usual. Budget crisis, retiring personnel not getting replaced... There's doing more with less and then there's... this. "Doing very little because we only have three people" isn't nearly as catchy.