Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seriously Funny

This blog is always funny, but this post is extra-hilarious. Especially if you have dogs.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Project Ripoff

Mondo was ROBBED!

His designs aren't necessarily what I would wear, but they are good. He is so talented. I thought Gretchen's designs were snoozers, and ugly snoozers at that. What was with all the granny panties?!

I think Heidi needs to get rid of Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, they are too out of touch. And Nina Garcia always sits there looking so superior, and then she chooses what? I thought Gretchen's designs were the weakest of the three.

I taped the show (yes, I still have to rely on my dinosaur VCR) and missed the actual discussion and choice by the judges (it couldn't have been timed worse, right when Heidi they were going to "have a little chat", the recording stopped. ARRGGHH.). So when I saw the next day that they chose GRETCHEN, I couldn't believe it.

I hope Mondo is successful anyway. Team MONDO!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Project SELF-ESTEEM!!!

Lunatics are definitely running the asylum. I think throughout the fashion world. Or maybe I mean "fashion." I can't understand why high fashion=ugly these days.

Anyway. I am sick of Heidi being so shocked at contestants "throwing [each other] under the bus." It's a COMPETITION, not a church social. And you force them to tell you who they thought was the weakest link, or why this or that happened, with your steely German stare, so what you're saying is that if they honestly think one of the other contestants is weak, they should lie? I thought this was a competition based on design skills, not some duel of honor. (Can it be called a duel when several people are involved? So a... clash of honor?) I agree that no one likes people who always seem to be pointing fingers and never taking responsibility, but you are making them tell you these things. So if it bothers you, STOP DOING IT. You have the power, Heidi. You are the bus.

Like the episode a couple of weeks ago, the team competition, when the whole team said Michael C. was the weakest link and the judges were all shocked and appalled (because they're all sweetness and light, right), wringing their hands and wailing, "Oh poor, poor Michael C. Will no one defend him?", maybe they should have asked themselves if there was a reason that every single person said he was the weakest link. Everyone who has worked with him has said that throughout this competition! (Well, until Mondo last week.)

I think they gave the bridesmaid's dress win to Michael C. just to spite the other contestants, which -- um, again, isn't this a competition? About design? Did I miss when it changed to a self-esteem support group? Because his dress was hideous and the judges were completely wrong. Mondo should have won, no question. And the judges totally bombed Michael D.'s because his model was plus-sized, though of course they would never admit that. He got no points for working with someone plus-sized, and it is much harder to make someone big look good than it is to make someone thin look good. Take it from someone who is not thin anymore. It's damned hard.

Last week, Andy was clearly the winner and they gave it to April. April's looked like lingerie. So, yeah, resort wear in a sense. And I kept wanting to pull the damn straps up that drooped down over the model's arms (April said she wanted her to look bound or trapped or in bondage or drunk or something). But Kristen Bell said she would wear it on the red carpet. Apparently she fell down before they started filming this episode and was concussed the entire time. What a great actress! You couldn't even tell except for the nonsense she was spouting. Unless she's referring to some X-rated red carpet event that I don't know about, like the porn Oscars. Hey, I guess they do have something like that, it was in Boogie Nights (my complete reference for all things porn).

The most interesting guest judges -- and the only logical guest judges to have -- are people who are actual designers. Let's see, usual judges... Heidi, supermodel with questionable taste; Michael Kors, designer with questionable taste; and Nina Garcia, ...something... with questionable taste. And no one to shake up all of their preconceived notions except actresses? With questionable taste. What qualifications do they have? That they wear clothes? That they wear expensive clothes? That they wear expensive clothes that they pay someone to choose for them?

Really, I have to ask. If they have all that money, designers throwing dresses at them for big events, and the best figures money can buy, WHY DO THEY STILL LOOK SO DARN TRASHY?!

Okay, sorry to get all-capsy on you.

To sum up, I am not happy with Project Runway this season. I think the judges are way off. Oh! I just had a brainwave. It's Heidi's bangs! She can't see the designs! And then the others go along with her because it's her show and she's got that whole steely German stare thing, even more scary through a forest of bangs. Hmm.

I'm glad they finally took Gretchen down a couple of notches. But sending Casanova home? I loved Casanova! His design wasn't great, admittedly, but I think Gretchen's was worse. It actually made her model look fat and frumpy. Who wants to look fat and frumpy, especially at a resort? And especially when you're 5'11" and weigh 110 lbs, you've forgotten what teeth are for, and you survive on cigarettes, water, and the glowing knowledge that you make everyone else look like elephants in their resort wear.

Friday, August 06, 2010

New School Year

Bunny moves to a new class on Monday. I think it will be a good change for him; let's hope I'm right!

And I hope he likes his teacher. He's in the same school, and is already at least a little familiar with his soon-to-be teacher, so I'm hoping it's a smooth transition for him. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sad News

It's been a really stressful time lately. Not least because Molly -- sweet, lovable Molly -- passed away unexpectedly. It happened two weeks ago tomorrow; that's when she got sick. She actually passed away two weeks ago Thursday.

We still can't get used it; we still miss her constantly. Sassy and Penny miss her too. Everybody loved Molly. I wish I could write a fitting tribute, but I start crying every time I think of her and can't put a good sentence together. We let her down horribly and feel terrible about it. "If only" is a sad and awful phrase.

We love you, Molly-girl!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Float Like a Butterfly, Jump Like a Rabbit

It's been a while! Mostly I wanted to post that Bunny can now jump. JUMP. Both feet clearly off the floor at the same time.

For a while, his jumps were mostly one foot off the floor, other foot on tiptoe. Almost a full jump, but not quite, though occasionally the toes of the grounded foot would leave the ground momentarily. Now, though. Honest-to-God jumping. We're so proud. I have no real idea how long he's been able to do this; we just saw him do it about a week ago. He may have been jumping like a... well, a bunny, at school for weeks now for all we know. But after we saw it and were all excited, he jumped all over the house.

What else? He's still hilarious and really only getting funnier. He loooves chips and salsa. He sits in his booster seat or high chair, pulls up a little bowl of salsa, reaches for the chips, and he's happy as a little clam.

Lately he's taken to lying on our big bed and dangling Woody over the side and saying, "Oh no, Woody, don't fall, oh no, oh nooo!" and dropping him, then getting Buzz to go down and save him. It's so funny. I tried to get it on tape but of course he was facing the door, so saw me immediately and said, "Turn it around!" so he could see himself on the screen while I was taping. My little narcissist.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Update

I was emailing with a friend about Bunny and thought it would be a good idea to put it here as a little update.

Bunny is running around and talking and saying the funniest things and asking hard questions like, "Why is that an alligator?" Um... because it is?

He doesn't really get Why so much when you ask him; he tends to answer questions like, "Why did you throw down your car?" with "Because I threw it down."

He has also discovered conjunctions so he says long sentences like, "I feel sad but Daddy got me some hot chocolate but I'm sitting at my table." He doesn't always quite get them right but that's what makes it so funny.

I love this age!