Friday, April 16, 2010

Float Like a Butterfly, Jump Like a Rabbit

It's been a while! Mostly I wanted to post that Bunny can now jump. JUMP. Both feet clearly off the floor at the same time.

For a while, his jumps were mostly one foot off the floor, other foot on tiptoe. Almost a full jump, but not quite, though occasionally the toes of the grounded foot would leave the ground momentarily. Now, though. Honest-to-God jumping. We're so proud. I have no real idea how long he's been able to do this; we just saw him do it about a week ago. He may have been jumping like a... well, a bunny, at school for weeks now for all we know. But after we saw it and were all excited, he jumped all over the house.

What else? He's still hilarious and really only getting funnier. He loooves chips and salsa. He sits in his booster seat or high chair, pulls up a little bowl of salsa, reaches for the chips, and he's happy as a little clam.

Lately he's taken to lying on our big bed and dangling Woody over the side and saying, "Oh no, Woody, don't fall, oh no, oh nooo!" and dropping him, then getting Buzz to go down and save him. It's so funny. I tried to get it on tape but of course he was facing the door, so saw me immediately and said, "Turn it around!" so he could see himself on the screen while I was taping. My little narcissist.