Monday, November 23, 2009

Project Snoozeway

*Here be spoilers*

Well, as a woman, I liked that the top three for Bryant Park were women, and I thought they were all pretty good, as these designers go. However, it was boring, and I assumed Irina was going to win since about week 3. So no surprises.

The most entertaining thing, in a disturbing way, was Tim getting so upset when the designers weren't ready at showtime. I wonder if he gets like that every time and they've just never shown us before, or if that was unusual. He seems so unflappable.


This is a nonprofit group that connects women suffering with cancer with free housecleaning services. As it says on their site, one less thing to worry about.

What a nice idea.

Also, Xerox is still offering free thank-you cards to the troops. Go say thanks!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I can't believe I've never seen this before!

(And yes, it's actually a Prairie Dog.)

Friday, November 06, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two great tastes that do indeed taste great together

What Type of Halloween Candy Are You?

You are undoubtedly Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Your tastes are classic and tend to be a bit refined. You prefer savory with a touch of sweetness, instead of the reverse, and when you find something you like, you tend to stick with it and not seek variations.

Man, Martha knows everything.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Still perking along... Bunny is fine. He was sick not too long ago with a really nasty viral infection. They said it wasn't the flu, but it sure was flu-like. He had a really worrisome cough with it that wanted to linger. Finally over it and now his nose is running again. Sadly, I'm praying for allergies. C'mon, run-of-the-mill allergies!

Not too much new going on other than that except I am swamped at work.

And I disagree with a couple of the decisions they've made on Project Runway. Ra'mon? I liked him! And he was creative! Admittedly his outfit wasn't very good, but... Oh well. I'm not that outraged about it. I think they've gotten rid of most of the clunkers already (except for Nicolas). Nicolas's outfit this time was okay (finally), but didn't seem particularly original to me. Christopher should have won.

Breathe, America. Lesli has spoken!

Aaaaand I'm out.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Gett It?

I just saw a picture of Balthazar Getty -- I looked him up since his name pops up every so often in blogs, etc. and I had no idea who he is (apparently he cheated on his wife, with whom he has FOUR CHILDREN COUNT THEM, with Sienna Miller) -- and he looks like a cross between Charlie Sheen and Corey Feldman. That's really the important thing here.

Don't believe me? Look:

Corey Feldman

Charlie Sheen



Still don't believe me? Remember, I'm not saying he looks like either of these two, I'm saying he looks like an unholy blend of them.

If you're still not convinced, here's your test. Which one is this? WHICH ONE??

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Enough already with the teeth and the ... teeth

I meant to mention this earlier, but I somehow forgot. I don't know how, ads were everywhere. I'm surprised I didn't wake up one morning to find one stuck to my forehead.

They -- the Style network, that is -- were seriously pushing this show. Which is smart, I guess, because I doubt anyone would watch it otherwise. Giuliana is some sort of entertainment reporter, I guess, right? And Bill Rancic seemed like a pretty nice guy when he won the first season of The Apprentice, but... watch a show about him? Didn't he go on The Apprentice because he wanted to do something in business?

Oh, right, he is -- the business of show. Okay, that makes sense, I guess most contestants go on reality shows just to get on TV. So, wow, Bill not only got a TV show, but also a girl AND glow-in-the-dark teeth.

Way to succeed, Bill!

Now, Style, leave me alone. I've squinted at their dentition enough.

Friday, July 24, 2009

There Oughta Be a Law

I was just browsing the local classifieds when I came across this ad:

CHILDCARE CENTER seeking to hire FULL TIME toddler. CDA or AA & a min. of 2 yrs. exp. req 225-xxx-xxxx - PROFESNL/ADMINISTRATION

(Number omitted to protect the clueless. I would have smudged it or something but I don't have any of that there fancy computer stuff.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

J&K+MJ=Who Cares, It's All About My Baby!

1. Jon & Kate + Zzzzzzz

I watched the show when Bunny was tiny and I was up at all hours, and I liked it. All those babies! I was struggling enough with just one! It didn't bother me when they started with some product placement and getting free trips. That's the benefit of being on TV. And they had to deal with the downside -- having cameras on them all the time. It did bother me that the children were growing up with people watching them. It just smacked of exploitation, and it bothered me more the longer the show was on.

People have mentioned how mean Kate has been to Jon, like they're surprised. She talked to him like that from the earliest shows I watched, season two at the latest. And Jon just took it. In every show I watched. Just like I imagine he did the whole time they were together, even before they had children and cameras got involved. Sure, she shouldn't talk to her husband like that, but then he shouldn't just put up with it if it really bothered him. Besides, can you imagine the show without her? With two Jon types? Oh, it's Jon & Kzzzzzzz.

What bothered me the most about the recent hoopla was the fact that everyone was picking on Kate. Wha...? Jon CHEATED on his wife with some 22-year-old tramp, and she's the bad guy? I don't care how mean she is to him, he doesn't have the right to do that. Be a man and stick up for yourself or leave her and stay away from floozies until you're divorced. YOUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING YOU, YOU SELFISH IDIOT.

(And now he has yet another young girlfriend -- does he think they'd give him the time of day if he weren't famous? Well, maybe he does, he doesn't seem all that bright. And he's apparently going to be designing a line of children's clothes. Because he's such a loving father who knows so much about children. Not to mention fashion. Sigh. Is my disgust showing again?)

Anyway, that's my two belated cents on that whole mess. I'm just sick of them both and wish they'd pull the show and shut them up. I feel sorry for the kids, who are somehow all adorable.

ps-Others are catching up with my disgust (belatedly I think) and someone used the perfect word for Jon Gosselin -- odious. He is an odious man. Yes!

2. Enough!

I am sorry that Michael Jackson died an untimely death, though not surprised. I was listening to some CDs last week; I'd forgotten how good some of his music really is. It's too bad his weirdness overshadowed his talent. However, I'm glad that wall-to-wall coverage is finally over. There were other things going on in the world, after all, many more important than the death of a pop star, despite the fact that his passing apparently left all kinds of empty souls and lives behind. Get a grip, people.

Tip to estate executors: Neverland = California's Graceland

3. Audience Participation

I'm sorry to say that Bunny has turned into a picky eater. Last night Andrew made an enchilada casserole, green beans, and carrots, and Bunny wouldn't even try the casserole. We told him it was meat and cheese -- no sale. We ate it and said how yummy it was -- still didn't buy it. We gave up on that and pulled out some lunch meat. We finally got him to eat that and some carrots by telling him how funny it would be if he ate it instead of throwing it on the floor -- to him, the height of hilarity. Anyway, he's such a ham that he did it. He put some in his mouth with this little mischievous look and we laughed and clapped and he smiled and ate it. Yippee! This will work until he catches on. So we'll need a new approach by tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Day

Well, the daycare FINALLY opened their new location, so Bunny went to his first day of daycare last Wednesday. Andrew and I both took him, and he enjoyed it as long as we were there. After we left, they said (when I called later) that he cried a little but then was okay.

Of course, we found out later that he fell asleep not too long after we left, so I guess, yeah, he was fine while he was sleeping. Sheesh. Anyway, Friday Andrew said he did okay but didn't seem to want to stay and cried a little. And then today he SCREAMED AND CRIED when Andrew dropped him off, so of course Andrew was upset. I called later and his teacher said he was doing fine, they had colored and played and he was napping. So I hope he adjusts soon and does fine. We think he was more reluctant and upset today because he was tired. We got in sort of late yesterday from visiting family, and Bunny had taken a long nap on the drive back, so he didn't go to sleep until late last night.

Fortunately the new location is not full, by any means, so he started last week with only one other classmate in his age group, a little girl, and this week another little girl has started, so he is getting more one-on-one attention from the caregivers than he otherwise would, which I think is good.

Wish us all luck!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Most people have probably seen this, and though sometimes I find it annoying, sometimes it's really funny. (Click on the links.)

LOL Cats

I bet most people haven't seen this. I bet also that most people don't even know who Cthulhu is. It's pretty funny if you've read Lovecraft.


Friday, March 06, 2009

Great, now I'm hungry...

Not really. REALLY not really.

Prepare to be amazed and possibly a little nauseous.

This is why you're fat.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here is Bunny before the haircut. See the lovely curls? This is why I resisted cutting his hair for so long.

Here is Bunny during the haircut. Notice the lollipop. Once he got it, it stayed in his mouth pretty much the whole time. Thank goodness for Dum-Dums!

Here's Bunny after the haircut. Still curly, whoo-hoo!! In the second picture, he's thoughtfully contemplating what's left of his lollipop.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday we took Bunny for his first real haircut. He looks like a little boy more than ever now, not my little baby anymore! I'm a little sad about that. I'll post pictures whenever I can get them uploaded. He looks adorable, of course. Of course! And his hair is still curly, yay! I can't tell you how happy I am about that.

Bunny did really well. They had a big booster seat thing but he didn't want to let go of me, so I held him and the stylist cut his hair that way. She also gave him a DumDum and he didn't take it out of his mouth once he got it. He didn't cry and only tried to pull away when she was trying to cut his bangs -- yes, when she had POINTY SCISSORS NEXT TO HIS EYEBALLS. But we held him and it was fine.

We are all getting over the cold; it was a doozy. Nice to hear Bunny breathing easily again.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Let's see... we've all got colds. I was actually the last to catch it, which is unusual. Andrew typically doesn't get sick but he got this one. It's pretty nasty. I can't wait for Bunny to get over it, I hate to hear him cough. He's never had a cough like this. Oh! And I think he caught it in the doctor's office when we took him for shots. And waited in the well-baby area. Thanks a lot, people who won't obey the rules; thank you for bringing your germy kids into the area reserved for kids WITHOUT germs. I appreciate your thoughtful efforts to boost my child's immune system. Why, without you, my poor baby would be breathing easily, sleeping through the night, and feeling generally great. So, thanks!

Today I wore a skirt without hose or tights because yesterday didn't seem all that cold, and I usually don't leave the building once I'm here anyway. It was 32° when I was driving in! Of course. Thank goodness I have a space heater in my office or I would be freezing. One wall of my office is windows, which is nice for the view but cold on days like today.

That's it. Nothing too exciting. Oh! Except Bunny knows a LOT of words. They asked at his checkup if he knew 10 to 15 words. Uh... yeah. He knows over a hundred, actually. Knows them, not just repeats them. He's quite the talker. Right now his favorite words are Super Why (he loves that show) and Percy (the little engine, which he carries around pretty much all day).

He's also in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height. Andrew is excited about his height, though we both wish he'd eat better. He's turned into something of a picky eater and is not fond of vegetables. He loves fruit, though, which is good except for the fact that it means he likes sweets. What can I say, he comes by that sweet tooth naturally. Sorry, Bunny!

Monday, January 12, 2009

That Thomas Magic

Saturday, I was in our bedroom arranging books and Bunny was sitting on the floor by me, looking at his books. (Why, yes, we do like to read, why do you ask?) The TV was on in the living room, but was not very loud. Suddenly Bunny stood up and started talking emphatically. Of course I had no idea what he was saying. He pointed and spoke some more. I said, "What do you want?" and started trying to guess. Exasperated, Bunny took off for the living room (oh! he was pointing at the door!) so I followed him. He stopped and pointed at the TV, where Thomas the Tank Engine was starting. Following a few more emphatic hand gestures and words, he settled in to watch the episode (well, if you can call less than ten minutes an episode).

Not only was it funny because he was so emphatic and I was so clueless, but it was also impressive. That boy has good hearing! I did not hear the Thomas intro music at all. Of course, my hearing is not what it used to be...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy 2009!

The Christmas cards are still going out, but I have to get more stamps at the Post Office. Sorry! Oh well, it will seem like the holidays are still going on, right?