Thursday, April 20, 2006

I don't get it

What is this fascination that the American public has with Paris Hilton? Is it the whole trainwreck thing? I can't think of any other reason why anyone would care about this absolute waste of space. Unless it's that deal she made with Satan. To give the American public a break, maybe they can't help it -- they have to pay attention to someone so desperate for it. And maybe the ├╝berskank is trying to fill the gaping hole left by her parents' lack of attention and affection. Even so, she's stupid, selfish, spoiled, skanky, and self-important. (I just realized those all begin with s -- unintentional alliteration, yeah, I did it.) When will we all stop pretending that she has any talent or does anything worthwhile? South Park got it right when they lampooned her. I just hate that she's famous enough for them to lampoon. And for me to go on a rant about. So, let's just say I hate that anyone gives attention to someone who has all that money and then not only doesn't do anything good or useful with it, she blows it (literally and figuratively). Can't she even wear nice clothes?!

1 comment:

A Gray said...

I agree, Paris Hilton is a Skanque!