Friday, January 12, 2007

Too Much Information?

Single or taken → Taken
Favorite color → Midnight Blue
Sneakers or Flip-flops → Crocs -- they’re comfortable, dammit!
Are you a health freak → Uh, no; wish I were
Do you like yourself → Most of the time

Surgery → Wisdom teeth removal
Best friend → Van Dine!
Award → I think I won an honorable mention in a junior high science fair
Sport you joined → I didn’t really do team sports; I took dancing
Pet → We always had at least one dog; first I really remember are Coco & Taffy
Vacation → That I remember, either Colorado or Disney World (not sure which came first)
Concert → Probably Louisiana LeRoux because I remember a parent chaperoning us (All right, settle down, you remember the song New Orleans Ladies, don’t you? There you go, that’s Louisiana LeRoux)
Love → Alan in 5th grade; he wasn’t worthy. Oh, also Captain Kirk. Totally worthy.

Run away from home → Yes, but I only got to the yard next door
Been arrested → Nope
Turned someone down → Yes
Cried when someone died → Well, of course, I’m not a robot. I cried when a character died on a show last night, as a matter of fact. Of course, the actor also died young a few years after that episode was filmed, so that made it extra poignant.

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