Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mommy's Log

I forget that sometimes people check this blog to see what's going on in our lives. Der. Anyway, here's a quick update.

Bunny is still wonderful and fabulous and perfect and all that jazz. He sits up really well, only falling over occasionally, and stands really well if he's held. He babbles a lot and knows some words, like his name, passy (pacifier), bottle, Mommy, Daddy, and the girls' names (the dogs).

The other night I was feeding him (he was in his high chair) and Andrew stood a little behind him and said his name. And he turned to Andrew. (We were testing his hearing because the nurse-practitioner at his last doctor's visit poked him with the ear thing and poor Bunny cried. We're seeing the doctor from now on, thank you very much.) Then Andrew decided to make sure he knows his name and wasn't just looking at him because he heard him speak, so he waited a few moments then said, "Molly." Bunny looked down at the floor! Because he knows that's where the girls are. He did it for Sassy, too, but not Penny, for some reason. Possibly because he thinks her name is "No, Penny!"

Let's see... he eats pretty well, though he doesn't much care for green vegetables. He loves the yellow/orange ones and likes fruits pretty well. He doesn't really like our food yet, I think because he isn't used to the texture. We've tried banana scrapings (okay) and mashed potatoes (okay at first, then a gag) and smashed peas (gag gag gag). It's an adventure for all of us!

He LOVES his Jumperoo! He liked his ExerSaucer but oh, the Jumperoo. He jumps and jumps and then stops, poised on his little tippy-toes. Then off he goes again. It is so dang cute.

He's a fan of American Idol, too. We had it on last night and he watched it for a little while. He got bored when they weren't singing. He loves singing, even his mother's.

That's all for now. I'll post more if I think of anything else.

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