Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MhER Gene

One thing that motherhood has done for me is to ramp up my emotional response to hearing about harm coming to any children, and even animal babies, by about a thousand percent. I've always been sensitive to the vulnerable and more easily moved by their plights -- so children, the elderly, sick, and animals -- healthy adult humans are sort of on their own, in my emotional book. Well, since I had Joe that soft-heartedness has increased wildly. Like a thousand percent.

We've been staying at my parents' house the last few days because with three dogs, it's hard to keep our place clean. And it's an old rental house, so it just never seems clean, you know? Anyway, my parents went out of town so we went over and ensconced ourselves in a nice clean house where Joe could roam around (because he's crawling now, remember?!) and we don't have to worry about him picking up a toy covered with dog hair and putting it in his mouth. Because everything goes in his mouth now.

My parents have a birdhouse that has recently become inhabited by some bluebirds, which we were all very excited about because it's usually hogged by squirrels. So this morning I noticed that the mom and dad birds kept flying up to the birdhouse and then away again and the pine straw was sort of blocking the entrance. So I went outside to see what was going on. I moved a little straw aside and saw something kind of black and odd-looking that I couldn't make sense of at first. Oh yes, you see where this is going. It was a SNAKE. Then I saw its evil little face looking at me. Bastard! I was so angry. So I went inside and starting crying and then made Andrew go out and try to get that damn thing out of there.

Well, he couldn't. It just stayed all curled up, staring at him and flicking its tongue. Oh, I have never hated a snake like I hate that one. Those poor babies! And the poor mama and daddy birds! I just can't stand it.

And I was just talking about how king snakes are beneficial to have around (we had one at our house the other day) and last night I was thinking about how those birds were nice and safe in their little house because it was storming. I JINXED those poor birds!!

Yes, I know it's natural and the circle of life and all that BS. I get it. Nature, she is cruel.

So she should be able to take it when I say that I hate her for it.

I'm going to stop now or I'll start crying again. See, thousand percent increase in saline output.

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