Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas in ... January!

It's been a while!

Today I decided to organize my office so I pulled out all of these bags I had under my desk. I have a biggish, U-shaped desk, and under one corner I had been putting tote bags that I got at conferences and bags I used to bring things to work, like Target bags or the nice little paper ones with handles that some retailers use. I thought, "I might need these, you never know!" Well, the corner had become stuffed full. So today I thought, "Hello, nice little mouse neighborhood! Here come the bulldozers!"¹ and started cleaning them out.

I found a big tote bag I had gotten at a conference in *cough ahem* June. And it was full. of. stuff. This was like Christmas all over again, only with geeky stuff. So fun! I now am the proud owner of several new pens, highlighters, sticky note pads, bookmarks, flashlights, keychains, and what-have-you. Have I ever mentioned my fondness for free stuff? It may be a keychain that I wouldn't pay for in a million years, but y'all, it was free. You don't pass up free sh*t.

So here's a shout-out to all you procrastinators out there! It's totally worth the wait! If you go to any kind of a work-related conference, I recommend leaving all of the little free stuff sitting around for at least a month or two (I realize my more-than-6-month hiatus is pretty hardcore), you will appreciate it so much more.

¹ No mice were harmed during the course of this project. There were no mice.

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