Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bad Luck, Fans!

One of Disney's family shows, Good Luck, Charlie, is ending in a few months.  I think it's the best one they've got right now but apparently Disney would have to pay more if they keep it going, so OH WELL.  The Mouse House can churn out another one, right?

Well, yes, they can, but this one is actually good.  It's genuinely funny and the cast is actually talented, which you don't always find in Disney shows.  Some of the other shows we watch are only okay, with a lot of the "humor" mean-spirited and lazy.  I guess Disney doesn't think kids deserve more.

Also, I've noticed that commercials on the Disney Channel say things like "Proud sponsor of the Disney Channel."  Huh?  I thought companies sponsored non-profit channels and programs, like public television.  Why on earth would DISNEY need sponsors?  It may be only semantic but it's odd.  Disney is very much for-profit.  Famous for being all about the bottom line.  So I don't think they need corporate sponsors.  Money from advertisers, sure, but sponsors?

Whatever.  I'll come back from that tangent.  I'm just disappointed that Disney has a quality family show and they're going to let it go because they won't make as much money off of it once they have to pay the cast and/or crew more.  Boo, Disney!

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