Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A First!

Here are some pictures from Bunny's first birthday party, courtesy of his Uncle Mark. We haven't uploaded ours yet.

Sneaking a hand over to the big cake...

What cake? Who, me?

With his little chocolate cake. My cautious boy.

Sugar kicks in...

Whoo! Balloons! Whoo!


Michael said...

How funny! I was hoping you would post birthday-cake-in-the-face pictures.

He certainly looks like he'll be a handful.

Congratulations to all of you in making it through the first year with (most of) your sanity.


sassymoll said...

Yes, most of! What I had left before this year has been reduced by, oh, say 50%. So I'm operating at about a quarter of what I used to operate under lo those many years ago when I was in my 20s. And ain't it fun!