Monday, April 13, 2009

First Day

Well, the daycare FINALLY opened their new location, so Bunny went to his first day of daycare last Wednesday. Andrew and I both took him, and he enjoyed it as long as we were there. After we left, they said (when I called later) that he cried a little but then was okay.

Of course, we found out later that he fell asleep not too long after we left, so I guess, yeah, he was fine while he was sleeping. Sheesh. Anyway, Friday Andrew said he did okay but didn't seem to want to stay and cried a little. And then today he SCREAMED AND CRIED when Andrew dropped him off, so of course Andrew was upset. I called later and his teacher said he was doing fine, they had colored and played and he was napping. So I hope he adjusts soon and does fine. We think he was more reluctant and upset today because he was tired. We got in sort of late yesterday from visiting family, and Bunny had taken a long nap on the drive back, so he didn't go to sleep until late last night.

Fortunately the new location is not full, by any means, so he started last week with only one other classmate in his age group, a little girl, and this week another little girl has started, so he is getting more one-on-one attention from the caregivers than he otherwise would, which I think is good.

Wish us all luck!

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