Monday, July 20, 2009

J&K+MJ=Who Cares, It's All About My Baby!

1. Jon & Kate + Zzzzzzz

I watched the show when Bunny was tiny and I was up at all hours, and I liked it. All those babies! I was struggling enough with just one! It didn't bother me when they started with some product placement and getting free trips. That's the benefit of being on TV. And they had to deal with the downside -- having cameras on them all the time. It did bother me that the children were growing up with people watching them. It just smacked of exploitation, and it bothered me more the longer the show was on.

People have mentioned how mean Kate has been to Jon, like they're surprised. She talked to him like that from the earliest shows I watched, season two at the latest. And Jon just took it. In every show I watched. Just like I imagine he did the whole time they were together, even before they had children and cameras got involved. Sure, she shouldn't talk to her husband like that, but then he shouldn't just put up with it if it really bothered him. Besides, can you imagine the show without her? With two Jon types? Oh, it's Jon & Kzzzzzzz.

What bothered me the most about the recent hoopla was the fact that everyone was picking on Kate. Wha...? Jon CHEATED on his wife with some 22-year-old tramp, and she's the bad guy? I don't care how mean she is to him, he doesn't have the right to do that. Be a man and stick up for yourself or leave her and stay away from floozies until you're divorced. YOUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING YOU, YOU SELFISH IDIOT.

(And now he has yet another young girlfriend -- does he think they'd give him the time of day if he weren't famous? Well, maybe he does, he doesn't seem all that bright. And he's apparently going to be designing a line of children's clothes. Because he's such a loving father who knows so much about children. Not to mention fashion. Sigh. Is my disgust showing again?)

Anyway, that's my two belated cents on that whole mess. I'm just sick of them both and wish they'd pull the show and shut them up. I feel sorry for the kids, who are somehow all adorable.

ps-Others are catching up with my disgust (belatedly I think) and someone used the perfect word for Jon Gosselin -- odious. He is an odious man. Yes!

2. Enough!

I am sorry that Michael Jackson died an untimely death, though not surprised. I was listening to some CDs last week; I'd forgotten how good some of his music really is. It's too bad his weirdness overshadowed his talent. However, I'm glad that wall-to-wall coverage is finally over. There were other things going on in the world, after all, many more important than the death of a pop star, despite the fact that his passing apparently left all kinds of empty souls and lives behind. Get a grip, people.

Tip to estate executors: Neverland = California's Graceland

3. Audience Participation

I'm sorry to say that Bunny has turned into a picky eater. Last night Andrew made an enchilada casserole, green beans, and carrots, and Bunny wouldn't even try the casserole. We told him it was meat and cheese -- no sale. We ate it and said how yummy it was -- still didn't buy it. We gave up on that and pulled out some lunch meat. We finally got him to eat that and some carrots by telling him how funny it would be if he ate it instead of throwing it on the floor -- to him, the height of hilarity. Anyway, he's such a ham that he did it. He put some in his mouth with this little mischievous look and we laughed and clapped and he smiled and ate it. Yippee! This will work until he catches on. So we'll need a new approach by tomorrow.

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Mike said...

We had some luck getting Erik to show us how a dinosaur would eat broccoli or carrots. You can imagine the eating was probably less than elegant, but it got the job done. :)