Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Project Ripoff

Mondo was ROBBED!

His designs aren't necessarily what I would wear, but they are good. He is so talented. I thought Gretchen's designs were snoozers, and ugly snoozers at that. What was with all the granny panties?!

I think Heidi needs to get rid of Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, they are too out of touch. And Nina Garcia always sits there looking so superior, and then she chooses what? I thought Gretchen's designs were the weakest of the three.

I taped the show (yes, I still have to rely on my dinosaur VCR) and missed the actual discussion and choice by the judges (it couldn't have been timed worse, right when Heidi they were going to "have a little chat", the recording stopped. ARRGGHH.). So when I saw the next day that they chose GRETCHEN, I couldn't believe it.

I hope Mondo is successful anyway. Team MONDO!!

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