Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Many Fugs to 16

One of the sites I really enjoy, Go Fug Yourself, is currently running a competition in the manner of March Madness. They're calling it Fug Madness and they have brackets of celebrities going head to head to see whose fug reigns supreme. Meaning who dresses the worst. And, believe me, there is some stiff competition out there!

So, I am following along and voting on who I think is the worst of the worst, and maybe you should, too. I'm hoping for a final match between Juliette Lewis and Bai Ling or maybe Posh and Chloe Sevigny. I really think Bai Ling has an awesome shot at the title, but who knows what's going to happen.

Besides Fug Madness, they are continuing their usual practice of pointing out the unfortunate -- sometimes calamitous -- fashion paths some celebrities take, apparently willingly, so if you aren't interested in the competition, you can still have a laugh.

Go check it out for yourself.

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