Friday, April 25, 2008

Mommy's Log

My poor baby has either bad allergies or yet another cold. He is stuffy and cranky. Well, for him; he's still pretty good-natured, just a little more clingy and apt to fuss. I don't blame him, I'm much more irritable than that when I'm sick. Oh, much. Much, much.

Otherwise, he's fine and adorable and handsome and all that rot. He's getting much more mobile now, though he still doesn't quite crawl or walk. When he's on his hands and knees, he pushes himself backwards more often than not, which doesn't please him. He stands really well but only takes sort-of steps so far.

We think any day now he'll at least be crawling, then Katie bar the door! And the cabinets, and the toilet seat, and the dog bowls, and...

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