Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nerd Alert

So, all you Battlestar Galacticans out there, what the frak is going on with these cylons? The new ones, I mean. They are all going off the deep end. Of course, some of them were a little loopy before, but now... Everyone's going to find out soon they're cylons because they are freaking out. Not cool, guys. The woman is really digging being a cylon, it seems; what's up with that? And what is with the heavy-handed religious imagery (mostly the Last Supper-esque commercial)? This show is confusing. But I do enjoy watching it. Maybe it would be less confusing if I'd watched it from the beginning.

If there are any Dr. Who fans out there, Whovians or Whosits or whatever they are called as a group (I made up Whosits and I'm liking it!), WHAT IS UP WITH ROSE?? Why won't they just let her have a nice little life in the other dimension where she can't mess up the Doctor? Ugh, I can't stand her. I didn't have any feelings about Billie Piper one way or the other when I started watching Dr. Who when they recently resurrected it, but I became a non-fan pretty quickly. Well, I don't know anything else about her, so that isn't fair. I don't like the character Rose. I think partly because she seems so... low-class, for want of a better word. I know that sounds snobby, but I just don't think she's good enough for the Doctor and they've made him out to be in love with her. Yuk. I really fink it's mostly her accent, it is sumfin' else. Do NOT like that f's instead of th's thing. Fing. Thing. Oh my hell. Anyway, bring back Martha already! I like her. But Donna is okay, she's funny, so I like her, too.

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