Friday, April 18, 2008

Rampant Consumerism

But we NEED stuff, y'all!

I am pondering the purchase of some fairly big-ticket items. One thing we need is a new camera. The one we have now has no image stabilization at all; the slightest tremor and the picture is all blurry and worthless. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE a DSLR, but we can't really afford one right now, so I'm trying to decide between point and shoots. Some of them are really close to DSLRs but they are also expensive, just not quite an arm or a leg. A couple of fingers, maybe a toe. I can spare a toe.

If anyone has any advice about digital cameras, come on with it! We really want to be able to chronicle the Life and Times of Baby Bunny and have the pictures actually look like him.

I am also trying to choose a stroller for Bunny. This has really turned into a super long-drawn-out research project. It would help if we lived anywhere near a place that sold strollers, well, except Wal-Mart, of course, bless your heart. They don't exactly have a large selection, you know. Anyway, then we could see which ones we like and which ones Bunny seems comfortable in.

There are certain things I'd like it to have: a decent canopy; a seat with some movement that goes from almost straight up-and-down (Bunny usually likes to sit up straight; he wants to SEE, by God) to some sort of recline; an adjustable foot rest; a window in the canopy so I can reassure myself that Bunny is FINE, my God, CALM DOWN, LADY, without stopping and running around in front of the stroller like a nitwit; durability; portability; and, of course, no recalls on it. One model I looked at came with bug netting, isn't that cool? I think so, for down here where they are out of control and possibly going to simply carry us all away one day, to wherever marauding insects would carry humans. Ugh, stopping there, imagery not at all pleasant or even amusing.

I've been wavering between just getting a cheapie umbrella stroller and getting a step up (not a whole-hog sort of rolling condo, though, please). We're planning a vacation in August and I think I'll want to get something Bunny will be more comfortable in than just a little bitty umbrella stroller. So any advice on a stroller would be much appreciated.

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