Friday, April 18, 2008

Top Chef

Second post in one day, yeah! I'm feelin' it, dawg.

So those of you who watch Top Chef can read this; the rest of you should watch it. I don't like to cook, or really even eat more than about five things, but it's still fun to watch.

This week they kicked off Ryan, which sort of surprised me. I really thought Nikki or Mark would go. I guess they edit it that way to throw viewers off. From what I've seen (and granted we don't see everything, re comment directly preceding), Nikki should go. It seems like she doesn't ever do very well. I know people who cook better than she seems to, and she's a chef? Hmm. I like Mark, so I was glad he didn't go, but his station was a mess and besides the fact that it's gross to taste your chowder or whatever and then use the SAME SPOON to dish it out for others to eat, who would be stupid enough to do that IN FRONT OF THE JUDGES?! Well, Mark would. Sigh.

That's still not as gross as Howie from Season 3 who sweat like a maniac and DRIPPED ALL OVER HIS FOOD. They never said a word to him, apparently, and that frankly grosses me out more than a little bit of Mark's saliva. I say they must not have said anything to him at all because he never started wearing a hat or sweatband when he cooked. GROSS. I was so glad when he left, just so I didn't have to watch his sweat dripping into the food OTHER PEOPLE WERE ABOUT TO EAT anymore. Just the memory gags me.

I think Antonia and Stephanie are doing really well; I hope they continue to do so. It would be great if a woman were to win. It seems like the chef's world is dominated by men, so to have a woman win seems like a step forward. I think Jennifer and Lisa are pretty good but don't seem as strong.

I hope they kick Spike and Andrew off soon. Spike because of his attitude (though it doesn't seem as bad as it once did, editing again?) and Andrew because he's just weird. Not in a fun, interesting, entertaining way, but rather in an uncomfortable he-might-just-stab-you-with-a-fork way. He seems to be a pretty good chef, though, from comments he gets. I don't care for Dale's attitude, either, especially the gangsta affectations, but he also seems to be talented. Richard, of course, is a strong competitor and I expect him to be in the top three.

I was sad to see Manuel kicked off because he seems like such a nice guy. The others who have been kicked off I'm not too upset about. I don't even remember Nimma so I may have missed an early episode. I thought Zoi had a pretty bad attitude so I didn't mind her packing her knives and cutting out. Hee.

The strongest contenders that I see so far for the top three are Richard, Stephanie, and either Dale or Antonia. Of course, it only takes one bad dish for someone to get the boot, so you never know. And that's what makes it fun to watch.

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